Practice Areas

We handle cases in a wide variety of technical fields

Patent Practice Areas


With solid expertise in the various chemical field subdisciplines and well-versed in those aspects of patent practice that are unique to the chemical arts, we are right there with our clients from the start, when the invention is still in the process of being identified, so that we can best help our clients maximize the value of their inventions.

Curable adhesives/Noncurable adhesives/Resins/Films/Textiles/Cosmetics/Coatings/Foodstuffs/Agrochemicals/Pharmaceuticals/Organic materials/Inorganic materials/Polymeric materials/Optical materials/Electronic materials/Liquid crystals/Other miscellaneous categories

Mechanical & Control Technology

We handle cases involving structural and/or operational mechanisms, including combination of these with suitable control devices and the like, in a wide variety of machines and devices for a diverse array of products, from the household goods and home appliances that you see around you every day to large-scale industrial machinery.

Structures/Manufacturing equipment/Tools and instruments/Communication devices/Home appliances/Medical devices/Measuring devices and gauges/Molds & forming apparatuses/Household goods/Other miscellaneous categories


In the biological field, amidst advances in technology and moves to standardize procedures across trilateral patent offices, there are a great many changes in patent practice in various countries around the world, so we are careful to monitor emerging trends and prosecute our clients’ cases in the context of a comprehensive global patent strategy.

Genes/Proteins/Biopolymers/Antibodies/Microorganisms/Regenerative medicine/Genetic treatment/Immunology/Zymology/Bioengineering/Other miscellaneous categories

Electronics & Information Technology

To accommodate the rapid pace of technical innovation across the broad spectrum of subdisciplines from information technology to energy generation, we take special measures to stay abreast of the latest technological developments so that we are able to fulfill the needs of our clients.

Software/Business methods/Computers/Semiconductors/Electronic circuits/Signal processing/Communications/Power/energy generation/Batteries/Other miscellaneous categories

Non-Patent Practice Areas


We provide competent consulting that adequately reflects the distinctive aspects of design practice, including assessment for possible application of partial designs and related designs.


Not only do we file trademark applications but we also have much experience handling oppositions, trials for cancellation, trials for invalidation, and other trademark-related proceedings.


We have much experience handling appeals to court from adverse decisions by the Japan Patent Office, and we also handle infringement cases involving patents, designs, and trademarks, as well as the Unfair Competition Prevention Act.

Intellectual Property Consulting

We provide a broad range of intellectual-property-related consulting services, including consulting in connection with licensing negotiations, drafting of various types of contracts, and formulation of appropriate intellectual property strategies.